Configuring Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers


Hello, and welcome to this Interactive Guide about how to configure and deploy the right Microsoft Teams environment for your Firstline Workforce. Today we will walk through the configuration steps to enable your workers – from how to pin the right apps to creating an intuitive environment that mimics the reality of your workers.

After this interactive guide, you will be able to:

  • Configure chat and Channels to align with organizational needs and worker productivity.
  • Use Teams policy packages for Firstline workers and managers to get your workforce up and running quickly.
  • Enable last mile configuration that you or your managers can do like code sharing, targeted communication, and time clock geo-fencing.


You are the Teams service administrator for Contoso - in the process of setting up Teams for Seattle Store 121.  You have already created the team and added all of the team members and most of the channels they will be using.  At this point, you need to add one more channel, then adjust channel and team settings to align with Contoso’s policies and improve team productivity.   Seattle Store 121 will also be the location of Contoso’s pilot program to empower Firstline workers to manage inventory more proactively, so you will be making several adjustments specifically tailored to that initiative.

Exercise 1: Configure chat and channels

Make your store managers team owners

Configure Channels

Exercise 2: Configure policies for Firstline workers and managers.

You will be leveraging Teams policy packages to quickly onboard team members with policies aligned to the needs and requirements for Firstline workers.  A policy package in Microsoft Teams is a collection of predefined policies and policy settings that you can assign to users who have similar roles in your organization – including Firstline workers and Firstline managers. Policy packages simplify, streamline, and help provide consistency when managing policies. You can customize the settings of the policies in the package to suit the needs of your users and any future updates to those policies automatically propagate to assigned users.   In this case, you want to adjust Firstline worker policies to pin the Walkie Talkie app (a new push-to-talk experience built natively into Teams) and the Inventory Request PowerApp developed by Contoso IT to empower Firstline workers.

Review and assign Firstline manager policy package

Review and update Firstline worker policy package  

Assign Firstline worker policy package to a batch of users with PowerShell

Exercise 3: Enable last mile configuration for managers

Generate a Team code to simplify onboarding

Manage tags to enable targeted communication

Configure Time Clock for Shifts

With Time Clock configured for Shifts, your Firstline workers can clock in and out of shifts in Teams using their mobile device or desktop.    You can also set up location detection and allow Teams access to location. With this configured, location will be documented when team members clock in and out.  For scale, time clock configuration can be managed by Team owners/Firstline managers, but you will be doing the initial setup for Seattle Store 121.


During this lab, you learned how to structure chat, channels and app permissions to control your Firstline Workforce's environment, configured and deployed policy packages to get your workforce up and running quickly and enabled last mile configurations that you or your managers can do to get the final touches done for an intuitive and easy experience.

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